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Beyond Sugar Shock Book Giveaway Now Underway - Copies Running Out

Beyond Sugar Shock booksGet a complimentary copy of my latest book, Beyond Sugar Shock, from Hay House.

Yes, for the next few days — until my limited supply runs out — you can get my latest book in my first-ever Book Giveaway.

Why would I do something so unusual?

I’m giving away free copies of Beyond Sugar Shock for two big reasons:

  1. First, I really want to help you.
  2. Next, I need your help.

To begin, here are two ways that I’d be honored to serve you:

  • I will share easy, valuable, cutting-edge tactics to help you let go of your “need” for sugar, processed carbs (what I call “quickie carbs”) or other salty, fatty non-foods so you can shed weight, get more energy, reverse pre-diabetes or other diseases, and live a longer, happier, sweeter life.
  • In addition, when you, as a valuable member of my audience, tell me what you want and need, I can tailor-make articles, blog posts, and products just for you.

You’ll also get a free copy of Beyond Sugar Shock because I want to help thousands — well, ideally, millions — worldwide.

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If you’re in a hurry or desperate for help, please note that to get a free book, you need to follow the Book Giveaway Guidelines. So if you’re short on time, please jump to the next page to learn about the guidelines to get Beyond Sugar Shock.

So why else am I doing this Beyond Sugar Shock Book Giveaway? Because, as I shared earlier, I’d love your help.

My Book, Beyond Sugar Shock, Came Out When My Mom Was Dying & She Was My # 1 Priority So My Platform Went Down

I’m doing this Book Giveaway, as I shared earlier, because I’d like your help, please.

Here’s why I need your massive word-of-mouth power.

In fall 2011, I decided and chose to put my poor, dying Mom my Number # 1 priority.

Not only did I move across country for my terminally ill mother, who had stage 4 lung cancer, but we then spent lots of bitter and sweet times together, which is why I now dub this time My Bittersweet Last Year with Mom.

About two months before she died, my then-new book, Beyond Sugar Shock, was published.

What a joy it was to watch my normally critical Mom be so pumped-of proud of me!

Because my poor, dying Mom was my # 1 priority, I did very little promotion for my then-new book.

Then, after Mom died in fall 2012, I plunged into a massive, multi-year Dark Night of the Soul, because I was TAGGED-B. (That’s my acronym for Traumatized, Gripped by Grief, Emotionally Devastated, and Betrayed.)

Getting TAGGGED and that year of being incessantly bouncing around in a fight-or-flight symdrome triggered many symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), too.

Long story short: For four long years, I just couldn’t properly promote Beyond Sugar Shock or help my followers.

But during that time, I kept quite busy to figure out ways to serve you.

  • I’ve almost finished writing my my next book, Crush Your Crazy Carb Cravings™, in which I share sweet, simple blog tips with you, so you can easily, joyfully stomp out your urges for unhealthy, life-shortening, processed carbs.
  • Plus, I’ve researched many other ways to help you lead a sweeter life.

Now, here’s my dilemma. As an author, to get a book deal from a major publisher—my goal—you need a big “platform” of followers or fans on Facebook, Twitter, your mailing list, etc.

But my platform plummeted, because Mom came first.

So now that I’m back, ready, and eager to serve you, will you please help me build my platform so I can help you and many more like you?

  • You’ll get simple tools to Crush Your Crazy Carb Cravings™.
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  • You’ll get easy ways to lead a sweeter, happier, healthier life.

So will you help me build my platform so I can help thousands, if not millions, around the world?

Now, get the guidelines to participate in my Book Giveaway.

Book Giveaway Guidelines

  1. First, “like” my Facebook fan page. (This is the page, where I’m wearing a turquoise top. Please don’t like the one where I’m wearing red.)
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Thanks so very much for helping me serve you and millions like you.

Please keep in touch. Let me know your concerns and questions.

See you soon on Facebook or here, on my website/blog.



Connie Bennett, CHHC, CPC, ACC
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Connie Bennett is a former sugar-addicted journalist and popular speaker, who reluctantly quit sweets and refined carbs on doctor's orders in 1998. Now recognized as the Accidental Sweet Freedom Coach™, Connie has helped thousands of people worldwide to easily break free of their sugar habit so they can shed excess weight, boost focus, and Enjoy a Sweeter Life Naturally™. Connie's first book, Sugar Shock, was praised by Dr. Mehmet Oz, Dr. Chistiane Northrup, Dr. Joseph Mercola and many others.. Her most recent book, Beyond Sugar Shock, was endorsed by Dr. Daniel Amen, JJ Virgin, Brian Tracy, John Assaraf and many others. Get free gifts and connect with Connie on her new website, www.Connie-Bennett.com.

You Can Retrain Your Brain to Prefer Healthier Foods!

Join the Conversation: Does this news excite you, too?

Say-no-to-junk-foodIf you find it hard to say no to candies, cookies, chips, it may be because your brain is addicted to them, according to a new study.

In short, your brain is actually hooked on junk food, which, of course, leads to weight gain and obesity and other harmful dieases.

But promising news came out recently, which reveals taht you you can literally ‘reprogram’ your brain so that you not only break your food addictions, but you actually develop a preference for healthier non-fattening foods so you lose weight.

For my part, I'm simply thrilled by this exciting news.

You may wonder, though, is this just too good to be true? Not so!

Some definitive proof this is possible came from a September 2014 study by scientists at Tufts University and Harvard Medical School. The researchers used functional magnetic resonance imaging to show how the brains of volunteers had been altered during a six-month experiment, during which they forsake high caloric foods for low caloric ones.

Thirteen overweight or obese adults between the ages of 21 and 65 were placed in either an intervention group or a control group. The intervention group received 19 hour-long support group sessions during the 24 weeks in which they were taught how to use portion-controlled menus and recipe suggestions designed for high-satiety. The foods consumed in this plan were low-glycemic index carbohydrates along with high fiber and high protein (known as the idiet.) FYI, these are the foods I recommend, too, as you can discover in Beyond Sugar Shock.

These foods" have "a slower digestion profile and reduction fluctuations in blood glucose that could reduce hunger,” according to the study. The control group received no such counseling or support.

What's intriguing is that before the experiment began and six months later, on its completion, all study participants underwent the fMRI scans as they were shown 40 food and 40 non-food images. The foods were half high caloric and half low caloric.

While being scanned, the volunteers rated the desirability of the images they saw on a scale of 1 to 4, with 1 being undesirable and 4 being extremely desirable. Those who had gone through the six months of intervention measured significantly less response in the striatum region of their brains (an area governing reward processing) when shown the high caloric foods and more responsivity  when shown the low caloric images.

It was as if the brain charges they previously got from these foods had been disconnected. They also achieved significant weight loss, whereas the control group lost little weight and still had no control over how their brains craved certain unhealthy foods.

One of the study co-authors, Sai Krupa Das, Ph.D., who is with the United States Department of Agriculture Human Nutrition Research Center, observed how the weight loss program they used with high-fiber, low glycemic foods worked hand in hand with behavior change education to bring about the remarkable changes in weight and brain activity related to cravings.

"The weight loss program is specifically designed to change how people react to different foods, and our study shows those who participated in it had an increased desire for healthier foods along with a decreased preference for unhealthy foods, the combined effects of which are probably critical for sustainable weight control," according to Dr. Das. "To the best of our knowledge this is the first demonstration of this important switch."          

 Sources: “Training your brain to prefer healthy foods.” Tufts University. http://medicalxpress.com/news/2014-09-brain-healthy-foods.html.

“Pilot randomized trial demonstrating reversal of obesity-related abnormalities in reward system responsivity to food cues with a behavioral intervention.” Deckersbach T. Et al. Nutrition & Diabetes. September 2014. http://www.nature.com/nutd/journal/v4/n9/full/nutd201426a.html

iDiet program. https://www.theidiet.com/content/food

Join the Conversation: Does this news excite you, too? 

Are You a Mindless Eater? Get Help Now in the Mindful Eating Summit (I'm one of the Guests)

MindfulEatingSummitDrAlbersIt's my honor to be included in the Mindful Eating Summit, which is presented this week by my friend and colleague, Susan Albers, Psy.D, author of Eating Mindfully and a Cleveland Clinic psychologist.

For this amazing Mindful Eating Summit, Dr. Albers has interviewed 20 of the world’s top leading eating experts, who share information that you won’t hear anywhere else.

In the Mindful Eating Summit, the experts (of which I'm one) teach you how to boost your nutrition, end mindless overeating, and stop feeling guilty when you eat.

You'll have a chance to learn tools, strategies and techniques you can apply right now to eat healthier.

Plus, you'll discover the cutting edge science that is shaping the world of nutrition and how you can apply it right now.

Here are a few of the presenters in the Mindful Eating Conference, all of whom offer their own rich, in-depth perspective on health, wellness and mindfulness:

  • Dr. Brian Wansink Director of Cornell Food & Brand Lab and best-selling author of Mindless Eating: Why We Eat More Than We Think
  • Evelyn Tribole Award-winning registered dietitian an author of Intuitive Eating (co-author)
  • Dr. Jim Painter Producer of Portion Size Me, a documentary about fast food and health and featured on CBS’s Early Show
  • Margaret Floyd, author of Eat Naked.
  • Dr. David Katz, author of Disease Proof and contributor to O, the Oprah Magazine
  • Dr. Daniel Siegel, Professor of at the UCLA School of Medicine and the founding co-director of the Mindful Awareness Research Center.
  • Dr. Alan Christianson specializes in natural endocrinology with a focus on thyroid disorders.
  • Jonathan Bailor, author of The Calorie Myth
  • Trudy Scott, author of The Anti-Anxiety Food Solution and the upcoming Anxiety Summit in November
  • And yours truly.

MindfuleatingyouWhen you sign up for the Mindful Eating Summit, you'll also receive a free ebook, The Emotional Eater’s Tool Kit, so you can start taking charge of your eating right now.

The Mindful Eating Summit is presented by Susan Albers, Psy.D., a psychologist at the Cleveland Clinic who specializes in eating issues, weight loss, body image concerns and mindfulness. Dr. Albers conducts mindful eating workshops across the country. She is author of six books about mindful eating, including EatQ: Unlock the Weight-Loss Power of Emotional Intelligence and 50 Ways to Soothe Yourself Without Food.

Catch all of our interviews now. Just sign up for the Mindful Eating Summit.

Confessions of a Health Expert: Special Thanks to Sean Croxton

We'd like to hear from you. What is your Big Confession? It feels great to do! Join us! Together, let's move on to create a glorious life. Talk to us now.

Last week, before heading out of town to hang out with some fellow health experts, I made what I consider My Big Carb Confession.

I finally came clean about how for months after my Mom passed away, when I was walloped by grief, anguish and symptoms of PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder), I quit walking my clean carbs talk. 

What a relief it was to finally admit that I'd had a relapse! That freed me up to plunge into my big plans.

Indeed, admitting to you that I had flopped has now unleashed a new enthusiasm and excitement in me to serve you. In fact, not only am I back to eating cleanly (and have been for a year), but I'm also working on an exciting new  book to help you Tame Your Cravings™

In case you missed My Big Carb Confession, here's a summary of what I shared:

  1. After my mother died, for months, I did lots of what I now call Heartbreak Eating™ or Heartbreak Bingeing™ of refined carbs, as well as salty cheeses and oily nuts.  (FYI, this wasn't just emotional eating. Heartbreak Bingeing -- which is fueled by colossal,gut-wrenching, profound pain caused by huge loss, abuse, or even betrayal -- is far more intense, frenetic, and frantic than emotional eating.)
  2. Although I cavorted with carbs in a big way -- shoveling in movie popcorn, onion rings, and corn nuggets -- I did, however, continue to steer clear of my old sugary favorites, which I'd quit in 1998, as I reveal in my books, Sugar Shock.and Beyond Sugar Shock. 
  3. My Heartbreak Eating had led me to pack on 20 extra pounds. .
  4. What's more, for months, due to the intensity and ferocity of my grief

    , PTSD, and anguish, I kept ignoring what I know well, which is that processed carbohydrates quickly convert to sugar in your bloodstream, which is why, for years I've been calling them quickie carbs, fast carbs, culprit carbs and much-like-sugar carbs.


    In short, all those fast

     carbs I'd been inhaling had been sending me flying in and out of Sugar Shock, or more accurately, Carb Shock. Hence my many symptoms of depression (and how!), mood swings, crying spells (lots of them), insomnia, and big brain fog. 
  6. Of course, grief over the loss of a loved one is tough enough to face, but when you eat crappy carbs, you exacerbate your many ailments, which is what happened to me.

Anyhow, for about a year, I've been back to eating cleanly, thanks to lots of healing work and workshops, including grief counseling, therapy, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), energy work and many cool tactics, which I've created or discovered to help me confront those Crazy Carb Cravings™.

I'm also happy to report that I'm close to my weight loss goal. I've shed 18 of the 20 pounds I gained doing Heartbreak Eating, and I'm now working off the additional inches to get back to my previous slim, toned figure.

Making My Big Carb Confession.was a huge deal for me. I was embarrassed to admit that I fell offf the wagon and that I was no longer doing what I encourage others to do.

Sen Croxton UW For months, I'd been thinking about coming clean about my carb relapse.

That's why I need and want to thank the amazing Sean Croxton, whose Confessoins of a Health Blogger post finally gave me courage to make My Big Carb Confession.

I urge you to get on Sean Croxton's mailing list. Sean is a passionate health and fitness professional, who is dedicated to revolutionizng the way the world thinks about health.

His Underground Wellness videos and Underground Wellness Radio are quite popular, and I encourage you to listen to these exciting programs, where you can catch Sean interview such top names in health and fitness such as Paul Chek, Mark Sisson, Dr. Robert Lustig, Julia Ross, and Cynthia Pasquella..

Anyhow, thank you, Sean, for inspiring me to join you in making My Big Carb Confession.

We'd like to hear from you. What is your Big Confession? It feels great to do! Join us! Together, let's move on to create a glorious life. Talk to us now.

Join us for The 31 Days of Kindness-and-Sweetness Campaign

Join the conversation. Please tell us what you're doing as part of The 31 Days of Kindness-and-Sweetness Campaign. How will or are you being kind and sweet to others?

When was the last time you did something really kind and sweet for someone else with no expectation of getting anything back in return?

Have you noticed that when you give freely to other people or organizations that you tend to forget or at least ignore your pressing problems? Plus, you feel so good for being so generous.

Now, for those of you who ned to weight , your frustrations about about the number on your bathroom scale won't seem all that important when you're focused on giving.

Plus, if you're a sugar or carb addict, your plight will fade away or at least greatly diminish when you do something sweet for someone else or several something elses.

In fact, being kind and sweet makes you feel so good that it's a lot easier and more enjoyable to eat healthy, wholesome, unrefined, natural foods that don't contain a lot of sugar, gluten, salt, fat or other additives.

Anyhow, I'm so excited to invite you to join me for The 31 Days of Kindness Challenge.

Although I'd love to be able to claim this fabulous idea as my own, I can't.

This great suggestion for The 31 Days of Kindness Challenge. comes from speaker/communicator Ryan Avery,, who is co-author with Jeremey Donovan of Speaker, Leader, Champion:  Succeed at Work Through the Power of Public Speaking, featuring the prize-winning speeches of Toastmasters World Champions.

Ryanaverys31daycahllengeFYI, please note that I'm personalizing the experience. Although I plan to do kind and sweet things every day for 31 days (and probably longer) and I'm printing out Rya'ns list, I won't t follow his guidelines exactly. Rather, I'll use them as suggestions.

Ryan-Avery-Keynote-Speaker-300x300Furthermore, with Ryan Avery's blessing, I hope, for my fans, I'd like to rename this The 31 Days of Kindness-and- Sweetness Campaign, because you'll be focused on giving or doing something kind and sweet instead of stuffing your face with something sweet.

Now, let me tell you how I plan to kick off tomorrow, day one of The 31 Days of Kindness-and-Sweetness Chaallenge.

At last, I'll write a thank you letter to the amazing pediatric endocrinologist Dr. Robert Lustig for the valuable work he's done to raise people's sugar consciousness and to improve the health of the planet.

More importantly, though, along with my thank you note, I plan to make a donation to his Institute for Responsible Nutrition, whose mission is to reverse childhood obesity and type 2 obesity.

Institute for REsponsible Nutrition rewbztj9dvkvr8ifs30aThis is something I've been planning on doing for a while. In fact, my envelope (without a stamp attached yet) has been ready for weeks. So tomorrow, thanks to Ryan Avery's polite nudge, I'll finally do this.

As you probably already know, the remarkable Dr. Lustig is acclaimed for his powerful Sugar: The Bitter Truth lecture, which has had nearly 5 million views on YouTube.

You can watch Dr. Lustig's lecture below. (By the way, Dr. Lustig will be participating in my upcoming Sugar World Summit. Stay tuned for details.)

In addition to watching the video below, I urge you to get Dr. Lustig's remarkable, bestselling book, Fat Chance: Beating the Odds Against Sugar, Processed Food, Obesity, and Disease.

So will you join me in The 31-Days of Kindness-and-Sweetness Campaign?

To participate, first get guidance from Ryan Avery, who offers great ideas on how to join in.

Then, will you join me by kicking off your involvement in The 31 Days of Kindness-and-Sweetness Campaign tomorrow by making a tax-detuctible donation to Dr. Robert Lustfg's important Institute for Responsible Nutrition?

Join the conversation. Please tell us what you're doing as part of The 31 Days of Kindness-and-Sweetness Campaign. How will or are you being kind and sweet to others?